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Eyemouth Freezers Ltd is an independent food processing, food packing and food logistics company formed in 2000. It is dedicated to providing a range of food process, packing and cold storage services to the highest standards for its customers.

The business was and still is primarily involved with food processing and packing garden peas, green beans and other field vegetables. From its inception Eyemouth Freezers goal has been to provide its customers with the best quality, efficiency and satisfaction which it proudly continues to do.

As its name suggests we are located in Eyemouth on the east coast of the Scottish Borders close to the A1 trunk road and provide cold storage, contract packing and food logistic services to companies within Scotland, throughout the UK and overseas.

Eyemouth Freezers: Food processing, contract packing, IQF freezing and cold storage services to the Food Industry throughout Scotland and the UK.

Our facilities

Eyemouth Freezers Ltd has a 100,000 square feet facility which includes a 10,000 pallet capacity public cold store, processing hall, packaging/dry goods store and bespoke packing area.

Latest news

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