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Food processing, Freezing, Contract packing (Allergen Free / Allergen) and Cold storage from Eyemouth Freezers, Scotland, UK
Contract Packing Allergen

Contract Packing (Allergen)

A dedicated self contained hall for contract packing of allergen containing frozen product. Products currently processed are typically vegetarian, ranging from sausages, fillets, chubbs and chunks. Customer supplies the intermediate product in bulk format which is delivered to site and stored as stock until Customer requires processing. The line consists of various input methods depending on your bulk format i.e. 10Kg sacks, boxes etc. The intermediate material is then multihead weighed with content count capability, packs are formed into either laminate/poly film and date coded at a rate of 35-50pks/min (weight / film type dependent). The finished packs are then metal detected to a standard of 2.5mm Fe, 3mm Non Fe and 3mm SS, checkweighed, packed into a carton size / content of your choice before carton labelling and palletisation. Hygiene validation is to a standard of under 5PPM for all allergens currently processed, ensuring minimal transfer post hygiene / product changeover.

Current Allergens: Soya, Egg, Milk and Gluten (Note: Allergens are component ingredients of the products handled and are not individually stored or processed)

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