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Food processing, Freezing, Contract packing (Allergen Free / Allergen) and Cold storage from Eyemouth Freezers, Scotland, UK
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Employment Opportunities

At Eyemouth Freezers we require a high intake of seasonal employees every June to provide for the seasonal harvest and processing which runs into September. In many cases this seasonal employment has provided a gateway to permanent employment for many of our dedicated and skilled team members. Feel free to request a job application from the local jobcentre or alternatively email a CV to Andrew on 

Seasonal Work Opportunities   June to September                        Retail Production / QC Positions

Production / Quality / Hygiene                                                           As Available

Shifts: 7-3pm  /  3-11pm  /  11-7am                                                    Shifts:  7-3pm / 3-11pm

Overtime and Nightshift Premiums

Note: Work is harvest dependent

Eyemouth Freezers for the Future

The Company has recently completed its ambitious 2.6M improvement program which began in 2016. This has included upgrades to seasonal processing and contract packing lines, driving efficiency and increasing throughput / capacity across site. Particular attention has been given to improving efficiency and decreasing energy use to reduce the Company's carbon footprint for the future in conjunction with the objectives set out in our environmental policy.

Employment Opportunities

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Eyemouth Freezers for the Future

The Company completes its 2.6M improvement plan

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