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Food processing, Freezing, Contract packing (Allergen Free / Allergen) and Cold storage from Eyemouth Freezers, Scotland, UK
Contract Packing Solutions

Contract Packing (Allergen Free)

Contract Frozen Packing 

Our modern frozen food packing facility has colour sorting, manual inspection, metal detection and checkweighing all on line to provide the highest product quality and safety to its customers. We can offer customers Bulk to Bulk food inspection and cleaning using the above services allowing out of specification material to be salvaged without impacting on the busy day to day activities.

We have a tried and tested traceability system that can be tailored to your requirement if needed giving you total confidence and providing due diligence.

We have excellent multihead weighing and VFFS bagging equipment which delivers superb weight control and efficiency. The line is very flexible allowing a large range of weights and bag sizes.

Our flexibility and vast experience of different packaging types allow a variety of food packing services :

  • Inspection (Colour sorting, visual sorting, metal detection, check weighing).
  • Strip out and repack.
  • Complete weighing, filling and sealing and boxing.
  • Boxing, re-labelling
  • Promotional Packing

Other formats on request.

Eyemouth Freezers: Contract packing for the food industry within the UK and overseas.