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Food Processing...

Food Processing

At the heart of our food processing department is a 5000 kg/hr steam boiler providing enough heat to blanch 8 tonnes per hour of vegetables. Obviously this can be used to blanch, cook or rehydrate a range of products depending on customer requirements. This huge heating ability is perfectly complimented with 1500 kW of cooling/freezing power which is currently IQF (individually quick frozen) at 8 tonnes per hour using a fluidised bed belt freezer, this refrigeration also provides plenty of chilled water.

As a large food processing company, our process hall is designed to allow additional equipment when needed providing the versatility and flexibility to handle a wide range of processes and products.

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Eyemouth Freezers: UK Food processing for company supporting businesses throughout the UK and overseas.

Eyemouth freezers food processing company UK plant. A Blast Freezer Line Food processing company plant, Eyemouth Freezers, one of the UK's most experienced food processing companies.
Food processing company UK, Eyemouth Freezers. Food processing services carried out by Eyemouth Freezers food processing company, Scotland.