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Food processing, Freezing, Contract packing (Allergen Free / Allergen) and Cold storage from Eyemouth Freezers, Scotland, UK
Food Processing

Freezing (Allergen Free)

At the heart of our operation is a state of the art fluidised bed freezer providing a freezing capacity of 11T/Hr, this is perfectly complemented with a 5000 kg/hr steam boiler providing heat to an inline Integrated Blancher Cooler. This process can be used to blanch, cook or rehydrate a range of products depending on customer requirements, the material can then be instantly frozen and stored as an intermediate product. With the recent addition of pre-post freezing process halls this provides us with the versatility and flexibility to handle a wide range of processes and products with room to maneouvre in the future for potential additional projects.

Due to our seasonal vegetable commitments with our growing partner, the availability of this plant is from October - April.

We welcome enquiries on potential process / co-packing partnerships to not only create intermediate product to your specification, but also take your product to the final retail packed format in our packing hall, providing various pack formers and size formats, a one stop shop for all your process needs.

For further information on our food processing services and how we might be able to assist you, please get in touch.

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